Can we have Justice without Prejudice?

They had to flee to save their life.

During the early days, the Muslims of Makkah were tortured by the Quraysh clan against their faith. Every morning sunrise began with the struggle between the life and death for Muslims. They bore severe hardships.

They had to leave their homeland for life and freedom.

But then it was a search for trust. The homeland completely became devoid of safe and trustworthy people. The Muslims were told to go to Abyssinia which was ruled by King Najashi, a Christian ruler then. He was a just ruler.

They crossed the Red sea to reach to Abyssinia and were summoned in the King’s courtroom. The Quraysh clan who became aware of the escape plan followed the refugees and also reached the King’s monarchy. Being a trustworthy and a reasonable ruler, the King prepared for hearings from both sides.

After the disciplinary hearing, the king’s verdict was absolute justice. The persecutors were asked to return to their land and the migrants were accorded with hospitality and security. If it weren’t for King Najashi, the justice wouldn’t have served.

The story went into the books of history.

But, even today, we hear torture and persecution of people in their homeland. Can the history evidence yet another similar ruling by Justice ?

Can there be another King Najashi?  Can there be a courtroom serving justice without prejudice?

Sadly, the answer is ‘No’, I reckon.