This boy’s night

Perhaps the worst nightmare happened for this little toddler that cannot be erased from his childhood memory.

We remember the image of a drowned Syrian baby that shook the world; now we have another one; as if that was not enough.

The shocked Syrian boy
Victim of a war torn night

His plain reaction sums up the horror, an uncanny encounter in the wee hours of this boy’s usual night. Children love falling asleep and even wake up with a whimper, but this night when this infant was awaken by destructive missiles, he didn’t dare to shed a tear. He looked in disbelief, to see people alarmed and hustled to help him and his family into life again. Sitting in apprehension, he remembered his mom kissing him a good night’s sleep; it wasn’t. As mystified as he was, I have no idea to explain his pain in words. He didn’t cry—though at that moment, to him, everything felt unacquainted; the ambulance, the foreign faces around him, the noise, and his own bloodied face—but a subtle reaction disturbed us all.

The missile took his sleep, peace, and the strength to cry. I couldn’t complete the drawing with his face; I left it there. What a place the world has become.

May be, if you show this picture to him when he grows up, even he may cry.


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