Are they Italians?

Day 1:  It was a usual winter night, still and calm as the time in my wrist watch ticked half past nine. The chilly breeze pierced off my face as I sped in my motorbike. The traffic seemed to move without congestion as the traffic signal lights twinkled in ‘yellow’, indicating free-roam.

As I drove in to the smaller lanes leading to my residence , I noticed a motorbike parked outside the parking area of a rental apartment, where families resided.

The motorbike is easily identified as the sign became visible as I approached close. It is the delivery vehicle of the renowned Pizza supplier ‘Dominos’. The delivery man is not seen, as it looked, he might have been delivering the pizza at the house.

Nothing struck me remarkably as its very common that people ordered Pizzas which conveniently delivered at doorsteps.

Day 2: The same scene is sighted again. “Oh Pizza today too? Great”.

Day 3: Still the bike is seen at the house’s parking. “Pizza lovers”.

Day 4: Nothing has changed. “Don’t they cook?”

Day 5: “How much they could afford for dinner on pizza?”

Day 6: “Good business for Dominos”.

Day 7: “Are they Italians?”.

Day 8: The lady from the house waves good bye to the delivery man. Supposedly her husband.

Case closed. That was a good night to rest in sleep.