The ‘B’ word

I have always felt sick of this word, whenever people utter.

It has become more of self bragging to me. The tone of their voice adding fuel to my disgust.

When situations forced me to use the word, I always tried to put it in other terms. But, day-by-day people getting worsted into the technological mesh, the usage had been predominant but to me, its a show-off or exaggeration. Some people used it all times irrespective of the intensity of their work.

Though sometimes it made real sense with people completely occupied with work, nevertheless its a forbidden word in my dictionary.

One can never be completely occupied unless he/she really is. A glass half filled with waters is always considered full. Because, technically its half filled with water, and air fills the other half.

If am at work, having time to relax and take a break, talk to people, then I’m not completely occupied. I have a prioritized virtual stack in mind with a header “to-do”. Agree that? Yes, we do things on priority. We do things we like, things that we take time to do, things that we do for our dear ones. We put in order of importance, don’t we?

Even the ‘b-word-est’ of people don’t use the b-word very often. I have many lively examples. People who are down-to-earth they use it differently. To me it has become offensive. I’m not sure whether this opinion imprinted in mind because of some.

If only people knew the exact meaning of the word, the usage of this word would drop off by a large number.

Never use the ‘B’ word unless you really are, and knowing the meaning of the word goes without the need to mention.

Not many would agree with me. What would you use as an alternative to the ‘B’ word?