‘Green’ is good but ‘The Reds’ are very essential

Pedestrian_LED_Traffic_Light_NYC Freeeeze! It’s red!

Ever since the inception of road commutation, the traffic laws are set up for maintaining order. Be it in a fresh blissful morning or after a weary evening at work or while on an exhilarating trip, we all go through the traffic signals on road. The red, yellow and green. These signals are the commanders of the vehicle movement facilitating harmony and safety.

We have to follow the rules on road. The instructions are clear. Wait and move. The roads always witness scenes of cars and trucks stalled one behind the other and moving in an order. Their brakes are on, sparkling ‘reds’ at the rear, cautioning us. And then glitters the ‘green’ for free movement!

What’s the big deal in it? There is, if you think of road accidents. People panicking on their vehicles and traffic creates frustrations and gets on nerves, doesn’t it?

On the contrary, Can we imagine road junctions without these traffic signals? Without the ‘red’ signal. Can it be anything but red? Green all time? I don’t think so. In that case, all I could imagine is fatal disasters.

We have a very similar set up in our daily lives. We all experience the traffic of opinions. People! People are full of opinions.

Somerset Maugham quotes as, “People ask you for criticism, but they only want praise.”

What do we infer?  Opinions ! We need opinions of people. Be it a concert, a football game, a presentation, we ask for evaluations and feedback. Actually we seek praise and appreciation. All we need is green-esque praises, but reds are inevitable. Aren’t they?

People around us are going to review and assess our actions ! Some express verbally, some show signs by actions, some share it publicly, some spread across people and some who just think. But everyone has opinions! I’m taking a metaphorical comparison of these opinions to the traffic signal.

There are three kinds (or rather colors) of opinions: I have given colors for the opinions of people.

  • Green: Green opinions are those that uplift us with its positivism. These are the things that we desire to hear from people. Appraises! Aren’t we envious to read an appreciation mail at work, or a reward or a positive feedback? One sentence could make a difference, “You did great” and these words reverberate and strike the happy cord and tug our heart for smiles. These are green !
  • Amber: Yellows are words that create a balance. They show signs of criticism but it’s a tricky maneuver. It’s a blend of anode-and-cathode of views. It doesn’t really create an impact ! Simply neutral.
  • The Reds: Reds are critics. Reds ask us to stop and requires change. They are words seeking improvement, words that disrupt the pace of our performance. Complications !

I always felt difficulties in digesting any critical opinion. Our Parents are best critics. They know us better than we do, don’t they? Their critical voices mostly hit us hard, crimson-red. But if we ponder, those are for the betterment. The red-words are to be listened carefully.

Having said that, how do we tackle critics? Here is what I could think of critical reactions.

  1. Listen: Open up, embrace and listen to the improvements or criticisms and note down the views of the critic. It’s important to record the words as it is said.
  2. Ponder: Ask these questions: Is it true? Does it make sense? Can it be considered to work on? Will it make any better? If yes, move on to act. Ignore if not.
  3. React: Act and prove it wrong.

I have Malcolm’s quote supporting my perception.

“If you have no critics you’ll likely have no success.” – Malcolm X

I strongly believe that “praises may be fake, but the critics will always have some portion of truth to it“.

In case of Criticism: Take it, ponder and prove them wrong, bang on! That’s how we succeed.

P.S.Your opinions on this article are welcome.