My First Superheroes

Have you ever felt going back to the past on hearing any particular song after long years? Long as in very looong. A decade or more than that ?

Mostly, a song when it was heard after long years, we could re-collect the places/people/days associated with the first experience of it. It may be anything, a movie, a picture, but a song has its peculiar impression. It had happened several times to me in the past. But this time its not just a song.

Google revived my childhood memory with a small search query after decades. It made me very happy and took me 20 years back in time.


The first grade school routine was really mundane. Even the primary kid needed a break.  It was a time when there weren’t plenty of choices or options for entertainment yet the happiness was ample with little of what we had. The Saturdays were usual by helping mom with her household chores. Dad takes us out around the city as he goes on work. But there was a particular hour on Sundays, on which I was reluctant to go out. No matter what it was a difficult choice to leave the television from 2100 till 2130. Because, it was ‘Morphing Time’.

The TV series premiered during the 1993-94 season. A group of 5 youngsters were chosen to save the planet from evil and were know as the ‘Power Rangers’, my first superheroes.

I stayed for one year and six months in Brunei, if I remember it correct during which I watched as much as I could. When I returned to India, I had a video cassette with only three episodes of it. If my then Video player were to have a soul, it bore the severest of torture by playing the cassette not lesser than a thousand times. And then I gave up. I never watched it since then. 

After very long time, Yesterday, when I saw the youtube video of the season-I, it was such a flashback. And when I heard the opening song, a happy smile struck me unconsciously and the old memories erupted as goosebumps. I remember every one of the characters who acted in it.

Introduction theme, still feels the best of all.

The Morphing Time is the specialty of the show. Here’s the link for it.

and I’m never tired of seeing ’em again and again 🙂

How I wish to go back in time. Because of things like this, the childhood happiness still lingers. Cheers 🙂

Podcasts’ courtesy: Google, Youtube.