Prying inside the tangled neurons of my brain

I woke up today morning, displeased by the sound of alarm from my mobile phone. I reached for my phone to turn the alarm off and rise up, but before I could, a voice from inside intervened; I hit the ‘snooze’. This is the same voice inside every one of us that has the power to influence decisions, every single time.

I believe that we all hear it from inside our head and it could be scary to know if that is just a virtual echo of our own selves or there could be a company—an intuitive, aware, intelligent someone—within us; which is even worse to know. It could be—what we call—the sixth sense; a silent omen. Schizophrenia could depict extremities but we are not getting anywhere near to that. The question is: is mind a single identity in a person?

Since I last published a post, I almost planned every single day to write and turn it into a post, but I simply did not or could not do it. I have more than one person to convince to do anything; me and my alter ego. We do agree on topics like sleep, food, movie and all the unimportant matters—just like how Joey and Chandler would agree on Baywatch; Yasmine Bleeth of course.

My alter ego is just jealous over the feeling of accomplishment. I feel he is having animosity with dopamine. This guy often could be a loyal Labrador; obedient and convinced at every decision of his master—me—and just things happen easily. But most of the time he is like this grumpy cat; unimpressed and revolting.

All of a sudden the movie ’12 Angry Men’ makes so much sense now. If that one jury had not written “not guilty”, the movie probably wouldn’t have screened. But then, the wise man gave us all a thinking lesson, and exposed the blind spot of perception. We know that by the end of the movie, we had a different opinion.

If things happen without a room to think, then there’s no fun. Honestly, the voice that insists on the ‘Snooze’ sometimes helps to end the unfinished dream.



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