Matt LeBlanc wins in life too

We know that Joey Tribbiani and his extremely promiscuous endeavors, but how can we forget his remarkable pickup catchphrase “How you doin?” We also know that he always wins at enticing women, and after all these years, Matt has got the exact witty instinct.

I saw the buzz about this couple of months ago in one of the Facebook posts, but now I got to watch the exact occasion caught on The Graham Norton show in YouTube. Oh dear; Emilia, what an ecstatic grace. She just swept me off my feet at this candid moment. And Joey…Uh…Matt is the reason.

“I do have one slight request from you though,” she asks, fine-tuning the waistline of her dress—contrasting in an absolute stunning black garment.

Matt goes on asking, “What is that?”

“So, Would you…would you be able to ask me how am doing,” ahh….and that is the moment when the crowd goes crazy. I looked at her flashing, wide-opened, glittering smile; her eyebrows arching her forehead—as though they’re targeting a prey—and the flash of her smile. Gosh, all these involuntary artistry; I went straight up, top notch delight; couldn’t take my eyes off her.

And then Matt follows with a smirk, and shrugs off like ‘no-big-deal’. All that moment, Emilia couldn’t take her eyes off Matt, waiting for him to open up and she’s all smiling; wide-eyed and beautifully. Isn’t it comparable to watching a litter of cubs jogging and jumping, a school of dolphins diving and dancing, paddling of ducks on a freshwater, gaggles of geese, kindle of kittens running around, pandemonium of parrots, muster of peacocks, parcel of penguins, blossom of flower petals, a kit of pigeons taking off, all of the blissful joy put together? and that’s exactly like watching her  blush…, oh dear; she kept smiling.

And…the best is yet to come.

Joey goes on with “Well, since I…uh…You know, I haven’t been up to speed into the show, so….uh….I’d say…uh…”

“Yes, thank you.”

“Uh…How you doing,” strikes Joey.

Boom, laughter erupts. And she can’t hold her rosiness; slyly. I’m all happy, Emilia. I’m all happy looking at your smile.


Prying inside the tangled neurons of my brain

I woke up today morning, displeased by the sound of alarm from my mobile phone. I reached for my phone to turn the alarm off and rise up, but before I could, a voice from inside intervened; I hit the ‘snooze’. This is the same voice inside every one of us that has the power to influence decisions, every single time.

I believe that we all hear it from inside our head and it could be scary to know if that is just a virtual echo of our own selves or there could be a company—an intuitive, aware, intelligent someone—within us; which is even worse to know. It could be—what we call—the sixth sense; a silent omen. Schizophrenia could depict extremities but we are not getting anywhere near to that. The question is: is mind a single identity in a person?

Since I last published a post, I almost planned every single day to write and turn it into a post, but I simply did not or could not do it. I have more than one person to convince to do anything; me and my alter ego. We do agree on topics like sleep, food, movie and all the unimportant matters—just like how Joey and Chandler would agree on Baywatch; Yasmine Bleeth of course.

My alter ego is just jealous over the feeling of accomplishment. I feel he is having animosity with dopamine. This guy often could be a loyal Labrador; obedient and convinced at every decision of his master—me—and just things happen easily. But most of the time he is like this grumpy cat; unimpressed and revolting.

All of a sudden the movie ’12 Angry Men’ makes so much sense now. If that one jury had not written “not guilty”, the movie probably wouldn’t have screened. But then, the wise man gave us all a thinking lesson, and exposed the blind spot of perception. We know that by the end of the movie, we had a different opinion.

If things happen without a room to think, then there’s no fun. Honestly, the voice that insists on the ‘Snooze’ sometimes helps to end the unfinished dream.


Quotes of optimism

There are plenty of them, the quotes, that always struck a chord in my conscious thoughts. The wise words, no matter who said it, always made sense and grabbed some of my time to ponder, activating my neurons. I’m not going to list few and leave it there without sharing my thoughts. So I thought to pick one and write about it. It’s a quote said in one of the top class movies, The Godfather.  The quote is,

Difficult. Not impossible.―Rocco Lampone, The Godfather part II.

That’s one of my favorite quotes of all time. Though, inappropriately, Rocco said this to Michael when asked what he thinks of killing Hyman Roth—one of the antagonists—the reaction was subtle. To get a flavor of it, i’m linking the short scene from the movie so that you may watch it here.

It’s difficult to do a complicated task, but not impossible. There is still room for possibility by any meansscientifically or mathematically or causallyWe’ve reached planetary boundaries—from landing in Moon to picturing Pluto—and other unviable exploration, which once we thought as impossible. How? Because we thought we can. We need to first believe that we can do, in order to make it happen.

Next time when someone tells you that it’s impossible. Tell them “Difficult. Not impossible“.

Women power

Recently read an article in readers digest magazine on how women are influencing the world and the business market. That was the first time I ever looked at women and their power from a different perspective. Then I thought “What if women don’t exist?”, the world wouldn’t exist too. Because my scripture says that God created everything in pairs.

A world without women would be like, The earth without the moon (how dull); The Godfather without Alpacino; French without art (No Mona Lisa !); Germans without cars ( AUDI/BMW); Arabs without oil ( let alone the German-made, forget the cars); Indian police without corruptions (that be better for us. Seriously Wow !).

But on a serious note, When God created Adam, he let him live in heaven; but then he was not happy alone, so God gave a company and created Hawwah(Eve) from within and not a play station. A woman completes a man, that’s why we call them as ‘better halves’. Everything runs of them, by them and for them. A pure democracy  and they should know that !

Here’s a tamil song I’d like to quote,

“இன்பத்தை கருவாக்கினாள் பெண், 
உலகத்தில் மனிதனை உருவாக்கினாள் பெண்,
உலகத்தில் மனிதனை உருவாக்கினாள் பெண்,
விண்ணவர்கும் மண்ணவர்க்கும் விலயற்ற செல்வம் பெண்,
விலயற்ற செல்வம் பெண்”

Which I could literally (or nearly) translate to,

She turned the pleasure into an embryo (in her belly),  Bore men and brought him into the world, She’s a priceless treasure for men (of earth), and the angels (of sky), A priceless treasure, she is ! 

Subtle and beautifully cast. The reason I respect women is that they’ve all the capability to do wonders, because that’s how they’re engineered. I’ve never seen a dumb woman in my life. I’ve seen innocent, illiterate women, but not dumb. Any woman can manage a family and isn’t that enough to prove? But then, they refuse to realize, which is in a way the biggest hindrance. Women should get over these shackles of society and break into reaching summits !

The word ‘Women’ bears the word ‘Men’ and so do they, the elegant creations of God.

The Cinderella Woman

They are still counting; the number of people that fought with my grandmother because she told them to eat, as soon as they finished their meal.

She didn’t make it look like an obligation on others around her. Rather, she always insisted, tortured, urged, asked, ordered, pleaded, blackmailed, demanded, requested the people that visit her, to eat ! And there it started. Because, she is just a heartless woman, because every time she cooked, she melted her heart and blend it in her scrumptious culinary delights.

If she were with Adam in place of Ewe, her first talk would have been, ‘Would you like to eat something?’. And if I were to go to coma, I would wish her by my side sitting patiently and when I wake up, she would hug me with tears and would say those words I’ve waited all years. “You must be hungry, eat this” !

It looked repetitive but it’s that God had blessed and programmed her heart to care and feed people around her. Every time I visit her, she would go like “Breakfast is over now, we’ll be having lunch in another couple of hours. In the meantime I’ll cook something for you”.

Such is the heart of The Cinderella woman, my grandmother.

Indeed, God has willed. Al-ḥamdu lillāh.

Precision or Tautology


In the agile world, the art of conversation must be an innate skill that needs distillation before it’s delivered. But it’s not hard as we think. Whether it’s at a dinner with family, official meeting, or over the phone, a great conversation starts when two or more people meet and discuss distinctively. Because, whenever I talk, I intend to squeeze my talk and deliver quickly, the same as I would expect from someone talking to me. At least, one hour of anybody’s day is spent on talking, and people talk willingly for hours, let alone talkative women. If talking could burn calories, most people would be fit and gyms wouldn’t exist.

To get into detail, the very basic question that struck me was “why do we converse?”. Usually, we speak to exchange ideas or persuade or gossip indistinctly. And when we speak, our brain receptors converts the speech into visualization, in order to make better understanding. The optimal conversation, I think, is where these visuals match identically.

As a student, I always felt lectures to be boring while short talks kept me curious and listening. This is because the brain could endure listening only for relatively short period. Therefore, in order to converse efficiently, the talks should be short enough to lie within the listening interval and long enough to convey ideas vividly.

Further, in business meetings, talking corresponds to monetary figures. In either possible or impossible negotiations, talking prolongs to make sure business doesn’t go off hand. To these businessmen, the trade is successful when a deal gets a nod. There was a time where the sales team had to pitch in for extra innings in an effort to sell their products. But nowadays the trend is getting to the point.

To continue, Women and talking go hand in hand as they talk endlessly. A reserved woman is a myth. Even to the simplest of things, women talk in detail or repetition. In my personal experience within household, my grandmother keeps repeating things or tasks every six months to get it done from me. I agree that I take few months of procrastination unless urged quickly and God willingly, the task gets started though the ending is ‘X’.

Is it a mark of skillful mind to be able to convey ideas in precision? Indeed, it is, far from shadow of doubt. The finest of people I’ve met talk in counted, meaningful words and always kept me interested in their talking. That’s how they become sensible in my eyes and classified inside my head.

Beyond recall, I wondered how the leaders clout the massive crowd with flattering words? I, at times, go ‘Wow’ when some people talk and feel like asking for more. On the other hand, loquacious leaders are impotent to rule over their clan. Be it a manager, coach or a superior or a captain, people follow the leaders whose talk is compliant with smartness.

Remember Michael Corleone in The Godfather? The character is nothing short of charm and brilliance. The discussion with The Senator, Pat Geary, regarding a business settlement is absolute precision and one of my many favorite quotes of the classic saga.

“I want your answer and the money by noon tomorrow”

“Senator, you can have my answer now if you like”.

(Senator Nods).

“My offer is this, Nothing“.

That’s finishing in style. I’m not talking about just using shorter sentences and ending talks, but being witty as well.

When we talk less, every word weighs more and people who talk few words of sense gain respect. How to talk precisely? I think these things might help. Here you go !

Speak reliably: If you intend to keep things right, honesty is the best policy. This would solve a lot of problem.

  • “Say what is true, although it may be bitter and displeasing to people”. – Prophet Muhammad  

Listening: I feel listening is a way of showing respect to someone you talk. If you talk, you talk. If someone talks, you listen. That’s the thumb rule. Listening is important and gives the time to think and reply short.

  • Wait until the person finish and look out for a reply.
  • Also the difficulty lies in impatient speaker who intrudes very often. In any way, keeping calm and listening will help a little.

Rehearsal helps: Most often, the scope of discussion in any meeting is known. It’s wise to know what the agenda is and be perceptive of what is expected.

  • Observation from the last meeting would help this happen.
  • Most prediction of results are from the patterns from the past. This really help expect things and be ready.

To say ‘NO’: Denial is the unused lifeline in most of the situations. When we speculate on giving something, the trust factor is put to risk. If the promise is not kept, then future relationship is at peril. Indeed, No is the most difficult word to be used, but it’s a valuable aid. If it’s a ‘No’ then it has to be a ‘No’.

  • “I understand the situation is critical but with all the other factors and considering the effort, it is not possible at the moment”.
  • “For this, my answer is going to be ‘No’ and I am going to explain why”.
  • “I can’t do this for you, because I’m held up with something really urgent”.

Take time and ensure clarity: Talk in clear, loud and slow manner with clear intention. Elder people talk slowly and with infinitesimal use of words. Careful usage of words will not hurt anyone.

  • “If I may ask you, Is this what you said?.”
  • “In that case I need some more time until I get back to you with the necessary information. Is this Okay for you?”
  • “The situation is critical and I will not be available until a week. Do you have any concerns?”.

KISS: ‘KISS’ whenever you speak for productive listening from the person you’re talking to. In my reference, KISS deciphers to ‘Keep it short and sensible‘.

  • “Alright let’s summarize our discussion for a clear understanding and call the meeting off”.
  • “Okay I understand this but let me talk to you soon”.

Nevertheless, the speaking cults are volatile and completely ridiculous. Uprooting is far from possible. Refine your talks and be Precise. My belief is precision and clear-cut talking could make one look smart. Thus the quote.

“Men of few words are the best men.”

― William ShakespeareHenry V  

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‘Green’ is good but ‘The Reds’ are very essential

Pedestrian_LED_Traffic_Light_NYC Freeeeze! It’s red!

Ever since the inception of road commutation, the traffic laws are set up for maintaining order. Be it in a fresh blissful morning or after a weary evening at work or while on an exhilarating trip, we all go through the traffic signals on road. The red, yellow and green. These signals are the commanders of the vehicle movement facilitating harmony and safety.

We have to follow the rules on road. The instructions are clear. Wait and move. The roads always witness scenes of cars and trucks stalled one behind the other and moving in an order. Their brakes are on, sparkling ‘reds’ at the rear, cautioning us. And then glitters the ‘green’ for free movement!

What’s the big deal in it? There is, if you think of road accidents. People panicking on their vehicles and traffic creates frustrations and gets on nerves, doesn’t it?

On the contrary, Can we imagine road junctions without these traffic signals? Without the ‘red’ signal. Can it be anything but red? Green all time? I don’t think so. In that case, all I could imagine is fatal disasters.

We have a very similar set up in our daily lives. We all experience the traffic of opinions. People! People are full of opinions.

Somerset Maugham quotes as, “People ask you for criticism, but they only want praise.”

What do we infer?  Opinions ! We need opinions of people. Be it a concert, a football game, a presentation, we ask for evaluations and feedback. Actually we seek praise and appreciation. All we need is green-esque praises, but reds are inevitable. Aren’t they?

People around us are going to review and assess our actions ! Some express verbally, some show signs by actions, some share it publicly, some spread across people and some who just think. But everyone has opinions! I’m taking a metaphorical comparison of these opinions to the traffic signal.

There are three kinds (or rather colors) of opinions: I have given colors for the opinions of people.

  • Green: Green opinions are those that uplift us with its positivism. These are the things that we desire to hear from people. Appraises! Aren’t we envious to read an appreciation mail at work, or a reward or a positive feedback? One sentence could make a difference, “You did great” and these words reverberate and strike the happy cord and tug our heart for smiles. These are green !
  • Amber: Yellows are words that create a balance. They show signs of criticism but it’s a tricky maneuver. It’s a blend of anode-and-cathode of views. It doesn’t really create an impact ! Simply neutral.
  • The Reds: Reds are critics. Reds ask us to stop and requires change. They are words seeking improvement, words that disrupt the pace of our performance. Complications !

I always felt difficulties in digesting any critical opinion. Our Parents are best critics. They know us better than we do, don’t they? Their critical voices mostly hit us hard, crimson-red. But if we ponder, those are for the betterment. The red-words are to be listened carefully.

Having said that, how do we tackle critics? Here is what I could think of critical reactions.

  1. Listen: Open up, embrace and listen to the improvements or criticisms and note down the views of the critic. It’s important to record the words as it is said.
  2. Ponder: Ask these questions: Is it true? Does it make sense? Can it be considered to work on? Will it make any better? If yes, move on to act. Ignore if not.
  3. React: Act and prove it wrong.

I have Malcolm’s quote supporting my perception.

“If you have no critics you’ll likely have no success.” – Malcolm X

I strongly believe that “praises may be fake, but the critics will always have some portion of truth to it“.

In case of Criticism: Take it, ponder and prove them wrong, bang on! That’s how we succeed.

P.S.Your opinions on this article are welcome.