Watch your words !

‘I am’ and ‘I do’ are the shortest complete sentences in English language.

Men are always of few words, on the contrary to ladies. Therefore these shortest words are by far used very often by men in most situations. But these two sentences could land a man completely in different circumstances.For example, during a marriage.

Priest: “Are you still single?”

Man: “I am”. No consequences yet

Priest: “Are you ready to accept the bride as your wife ?”.

Man: “I do”.

Priest: No further question. Over to you ma’am.

Wife: I’ll take over.





Happy meal

It was a cold night and I was waiting to feed a hungry Hulk growing inside my stomach. I found one of the restaurants in the vicinity and looked through the menu.  One of the familiar dishes caught my eye and I didn’t wait to place the order.

I was standing at the cash counter as I began placing the order.

Me: I want one Chinese schezwan chicken noodles and that’s it.

The restaurant guy: One Chinese Schezwan Chicken noodles.

Me: Yes.

The restaurant guy: Do you want a vegetarian or non-vegetarian noodle?

Me: !!!!! . . . What did u say?

(I forgave him right away because he gave me a Non-vegetarian chicken).