A post, after 3 years!

It’s been 3 years since the last post. A lot have changed with regards to my worldly exposures and life teachings. I intend to share snippets of thoughts on how my mind reacts to everyday situations, and events happening around me.

I still believe that writing always helps me understand the preexisting perspectives from a whole different dimension. Things that I already have perceived in my mind is the first draft of my understanding; don’t we change our mind, too often, about something?

I will try to share and recall some of the finest thoughts that took my time and energy. Having said that, I always filter out positive energy around me. That helps me from being drained by the negative vibes.



Matt LeBlanc wins in life too

We know that Joey Tribbiani and his extremely promiscuous endeavors, but how can we forget his remarkable pickup catchphrase “How you doin?” We also know that he always wins at enticing women, and after all these years, Matt has got the exact witty instinct.

I saw the buzz about this couple of months ago in one of the Facebook posts, but now I got to watch the exact occasion caught on The Graham Norton show in YouTube. Oh dear; Emilia, what an ecstatic grace. She just swept me off my feet at this candid moment. And Joey…Uh…Matt is the reason.

“I do have one slight request from you though,” she asks, fine-tuning the waistline of her dress—contrasting in an absolute stunning black garment.

Matt goes on asking, “What is that?”

“So, Would you…would you be able to ask me how am doing,” ahh….and that is the moment when the crowd goes crazy. I looked at her flashing, wide-opened, glittering smile; her eyebrows arching her forehead—as though they’re targeting a prey—and the flash of her smile. Gosh, all these involuntary artistry; I went straight up, top notch delight; couldn’t take my eyes off her.

And then Matt follows with a smirk, and shrugs off like ‘no-big-deal’. All that moment, Emilia couldn’t take her eyes off Matt, waiting for him to open up and she’s all smiling; wide-eyed and beautifully. Isn’t it comparable to watching a litter of cubs jogging and jumping, a school of dolphins diving and dancing, paddling of ducks on a freshwater, gaggles of geese, kindle of kittens running around, pandemonium of parrots, muster of peacocks, parcel of penguins, blossom of flower petals, a kit of pigeons taking off, all of the blissful joy put together? and that’s exactly like watching her  blush…, oh dear; she kept smiling.

And…the best is yet to come.

Joey goes on with “Well, since I…uh…You know, I haven’t been up to speed into the show, so….uh….I’d say…uh…”

“Yes, thank you.”

“Uh…How you doing,” strikes Joey.

Boom, laughter erupts. And she can’t hold her rosiness; slyly. I’m all happy, Emilia. I’m all happy looking at your smile.

This boy’s night

Perhaps the worst nightmare happened for this little toddler that cannot be erased from his childhood memory.

We remember the image of a drowned Syrian baby that shook the world; now we have another one; as if that was not enough.

The shocked Syrian boy
Victim of a war torn night

His plain reaction sums up the horror, an uncanny encounter in the wee hours of this boy’s usual night. Children love falling asleep and even wake up with a whimper, but this night when this infant was awaken by destructive missiles, he didn’t dare to shed a tear. He looked in disbelief, to see people alarmed and hustled to help him and his family into life again. Sitting in apprehension, he remembered his mom kissing him a good night’s sleep; it wasn’t. As mystified as he was, I have no idea to explain his pain in words. He didn’t cry—though at that moment, to him, everything felt unacquainted; the ambulance, the foreign faces around him, the noise, and his own bloodied face—but a subtle reaction disturbed us all.

The missile took his sleep, peace, and the strength to cry. I couldn’t complete the drawing with his face; I left it there. What a place the world has become.

May be, if you show this picture to him when he grows up, even he may cry.

Messi’s return normalizes expectation

I once read a quote that said “If you win once, people might call it luck, but if you win twice you may prove them wrong.” On the other hand, losing has also got equal and opposite impact. What adverse effect would happen by continuously losing on a big stage? Subsequent losses have proved be traumatizing for a player’s career; we have a recent story.

Setting aside the debate in the context of Ronaldo and Messi—where I have a sincere consent that both of them have enormous talent and conquered indefinite glory—I still believe that Messi as a footballer who would never do something very silly on the pitch. I always enjoyed watching Messi, who I perceived synonymous to the word ‘simplicity’. He did things that look like no-big-deal; what I mean is that he wouldn’t script a moment to make it dramatic. To me, he was plain.

The day after The Copa America finals was about just one thing; “Messi retires”. I tried to contemplate over the shocking news that followed the defeat for Argentines. It all made sense—understanding the intensity of frustration inside the player’s mind—though it made me smirk. I thought it was a genuine feeling that sounded like “I couldn’t let my nation down anymore”. He readily shrugged off the baton of expectations in order to save the disappointment from his fans; for real good. It had a sense of credibility but looked naive as well.

The decision might have shocked every one of us but we all knew that it’s not going to last for long time. We were right; and now we have him back, sooner than expected. This time, the decision—yet seemingly laughable—will do more good than harm. Earlier, he was expected to win every single match—which is reasonable for a player of such high caliber and—having your team perform so well and making it to the finals for three times in three major tournaments over the last 3 years; unbelievable. But now, these expectations surrounding Messi are normalized. We know the potential inside this player but also we understand what to expect of him. He had already proved everyone of his individual brilliance but in the scale of triumphs how much would a national team trophy weigh?

Messi might have taken the upper cut criticism straight in his face but he wanted to give a good fight again. The question is how many rounds will he last? Looking forward.


Prying inside the tangled neurons of my brain

I woke up today morning, displeased by the sound of alarm from my mobile phone. I reached for my phone to turn the alarm off and rise up, but before I could, a voice from inside intervened; I hit the ‘snooze’. This is the same voice inside every one of us that has the power to influence decisions, every single time.

I believe that we all hear it from inside our head and it could be scary to know if that is just a virtual echo of our own selves or there could be a company—an intuitive, aware, intelligent someone—within us; which is even worse to know. It could be—what we call—the sixth sense; a silent omen. Schizophrenia could depict extremities but we are not getting anywhere near to that. The question is: is mind a single identity in a person?

Since I last published a post, I almost planned every single day to write and turn it into a post, but I simply did not or could not do it. I have more than one person to convince to do anything; me and my alter ego. We do agree on topics like sleep, food, movie and all the unimportant matters—just like how Joey and Chandler would agree on Baywatch; Yasmine Bleeth of course.

My alter ego is just jealous over the feeling of accomplishment. I feel he is having animosity with dopamine. This guy often could be a loyal Labrador; obedient and convinced at every decision of his master—me—and just things happen easily. But most of the time he is like this grumpy cat; unimpressed and revolting.

All of a sudden the movie ’12 Angry Men’ makes so much sense now. If that one jury had not written “not guilty”, the movie probably wouldn’t have screened. But then, the wise man gave us all a thinking lesson, and exposed the blind spot of perception. We know that by the end of the movie, we had a different opinion.

If things happen without a room to think, then there’s no fun. Honestly, the voice that insists on the ‘Snooze’ sometimes helps to end the unfinished dream.


Quotes of optimism

There are plenty of them, the quotes, that always struck a chord in my conscious thoughts. The wise words, no matter who said it, always made sense and grabbed some of my time to ponder, activating my neurons. I’m not going to list few and leave it there without sharing my thoughts. So I thought to pick one and write about it. It’s a quote said in one of the top class movies, The Godfather.  The quote is,

Difficult. Not impossible.―Rocco Lampone, The Godfather part II.

That’s one of my favorite quotes of all time. Though, inappropriately, Rocco said this to Michael when asked what he thinks of killing Hyman Roth—one of the antagonists—the reaction was subtle. To get a flavor of it, i’m linking the short scene from the movie so that you may watch it here.

It’s difficult to do a complicated task, but not impossible. There is still room for possibility by any meansscientifically or mathematically or causallyWe’ve reached planetary boundaries—from landing in Moon to picturing Pluto—and other unviable exploration, which once we thought as impossible. How? Because we thought we can. We need to first believe that we can do, in order to make it happen.

Next time when someone tells you that it’s impossible. Tell them “Difficult. Not impossible“.

An authentic human being, Dr.Kalam.

A Scientist, Poet, Teacher, Writer-turned-people’s President just breathed his last.

In my impression, he’s been the most-authentic human being who remained unaffected with fame and authority. He lived as a simple man with thoughtful mind until his last; never complacent at what he did, even after miracles.

The only leader who woke everyday with an agenda to inspire the whole generation, especially the children. Reaching unattainable fame and recognition, he still took time to remember his teachers and honored few with his visit in person. He submitted his life towards social uplifting and touching lives through many of his visits to schools and colleges, even the death angel couldn’t find a better place to visit him for one last time.

I’m proud he is a native speaker of my mother language, Tamil. It’s a shame there is only one Dr.Kalam.

“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power” – Abraham Lincoln.

I think he withstood both, genuinely.