Why this is one of the best world cups I have ever watched

When Brazil was announced to be the host, that was enough to kindle the enthusiasm. The tournament is going to happen in front of millions that are passionate about the game.

This is the second world cup, where I was able to follow all the matches. There were many teams that lived beyond expectation and some went past their old glory. I really wished any of the underdog teams would move ahead to the later stages of the tournament, which some teams thoroughly deserved.

The dancing Colombians, the furious Chileans, the stubborn Algerians are top class. Ambitious.

Some of the remarkable moments in the World cup 2014, so far. 

World cup so far
World-cup, Brazil


1.Brazilians go teary-eyed in front of the home crowd in the opening match and score an own-goal as the first goal of the tournament.

2. Spain suffered the biggest defeat by the defending champions against the Dutch. Its 5pain.

3. Witnessing Flying Dutchman, Robin Van Persie’s spectacular header against Spain, live.

4. The stubborn Colombians and their goal celebrations.

5. When Neymar scores, the stadium erupts, crazy and passionate ! His injury blow. Sad.

6. James Rodriguez, class, personified.

7. Messi and Ronaldo, the former still lives the dream.

8. Underdogs: Colombians, Chile, Algerians. In that order.

9. Klose’s record goal-scoring and acrobatic celebration.

10. Goal keepers. Top class saves.

11. Free-kick and the referee reaches for his invisible spray and marks the distance for the wall. Football fans seen using the same technique against their wives. ha ha.

12. And when the The big nations are in semi-finals, the frenzy is heating up !

If anyone hadn’t watched the world cup yet, let me tell you something. The Brazilians and Argentines are  in semi-finals for the first time ever. Isn’t that not enough to make you watch the semi-finals and the final game?

The Brazilians are looking for glory in their home ground, while it’s not that easy. Messi still carries the baton and what could be a better chance to lead the race in your enemies’ soil?

The Dutch and Germans would raise fiercely and take chance to redeem their past. They would want to reach to the final howsoever.

The top tier teams have got closer to the glory but the war has begun.

Brazil vs Germany, Dutch vs Argentina.

Merry Finals !!!