Women power

Recently read an article in readers digest magazine on how women are influencing the world and the business market. That was the first time I ever looked at women and their power from a different perspective. Then I thought “What if women don’t exist?”, the world wouldn’t exist too. Because my scripture says that God created everything in pairs.

A world without women would be like, The earth without the moon (how dull); The Godfather without Alpacino; French without art (No Mona Lisa !); Germans without cars ( AUDI/BMW); Arabs without oil ( let alone the German-made, forget the cars); Indian police without corruptions (that be better for us. Seriously Wow !).

But on a serious note, When God created Adam, he let him live in heaven; but then he was not happy alone, so God gave a company and created Hawwah(Eve) from within and not a play station. A woman completes a man, that’s why we call them as ‘better halves’. Everything runs of them, by them and for them. A pure democracy  and they should know that !

Here’s a tamil song I’d like to quote,

“இன்பத்தை கருவாக்கினாள் பெண், 
உலகத்தில் மனிதனை உருவாக்கினாள் பெண்,
உலகத்தில் மனிதனை உருவாக்கினாள் பெண்,
விண்ணவர்கும் மண்ணவர்க்கும் விலயற்ற செல்வம் பெண்,
விலயற்ற செல்வம் பெண்”

Which I could literally (or nearly) translate to,

She turned the pleasure into an embryo (in her belly),  Bore men and brought him into the world, She’s a priceless treasure for men (of earth), and the angels (of sky), A priceless treasure, she is ! 

Subtle and beautifully cast. The reason I respect women is that they’ve all the capability to do wonders, because that’s how they’re engineered. I’ve never seen a dumb woman in my life. I’ve seen innocent, illiterate women, but not dumb. Any woman can manage a family and isn’t that enough to prove? But then, they refuse to realize, which is in a way the biggest hindrance. Women should get over these shackles of society and break into reaching summits !

The word ‘Women’ bears the word ‘Men’ and so do they, the elegant creations of God.


Women win arguments

The most predominant conflict still remains as the arguments between a husband and wife. Newly-wed or couples-for-decades, they still argue and end up in a quarrelsome situations.

Even if we go by typicality that women mostly get into heated discussion, men would fail at one point during the course. Because, women simply remember everything ! Everything that happened and told to them. Whereas, the problem for all men lies with what happened in the ‘Past’.

For instance, women would kill the talk with just one question.

Do you remember what you said yesterday?”.