Two Innings

byesIt was the match day, as captain Parvez Khan bustled to the workstations of the members of the squad and urging us to dress up. Our team will foregather at the playground for the match against the Fin(ancial)tastics, who had already won their first match. Our team stays in an unhealthy position in the table having lost the first match against the defending champions, Desi log.

The afternoon looked cloudy. The players started practicing as the groundskeepers watered the pitch and marked lines of crease.

The  Umpires arrived in style and the captains walked to shake hands and toss the coin, which resulted a win for ‘Bad News’ and we chose batting.

I gotta tell about an amateur cricketer that made the squad from the busy auction and who in turn was energetically ready to begin the first appearance in the 7th season of the tournament. That’s me.  Isn’t that an achievement?

Fielding is one thing I could do comfortably. The ball is hit. Run for it, collect it and arch it to the bowler or the keeper. It doesn’t hurt. I was becoming a pro at this and rarely did any mistake.

The innings began as the Bad News’ openers swung their bats to avoid the furred-green ball hitting the wicket and thereby making the scorer busy keeping record of the runs. Not too late, did the fate turn against us. Our batsmen moved to and fro to the pavilion as the wickets slid in favor of our opponents. The captain’s face was disappointed when his shot sent the ball into a fluky catch. Still more runs needed.

The innings ended with a target of 83 runs from 72 balls for our opponents, as Vipin walked back with his bruised palms, applauds arising for his slick performance.

That wasn’t a big target but we had 12 overs to defend. 

The fielding strategies were discussed in our huddle. Initially I was told to field at the square leg and mid wicket. That’s certainly not my position with my lazy reflexes. I preferred deep cover and deep mid wicket where I could see the ball and take runs towards it. Knowingly or unknowingly I was discovering a cricketer inside me !

The second innings began as the Fintastic batsmen launched and shot the balls around the field. Their batting wagon wheel had lines around 360 degrees marked by their shots. The bowlers were bowling to deliver their best and so were the batsmen who stood to strike flawlessly !

The bowling spell from our bowlers fetched a healthy run rate to the batting team. By the end of 6th over, the score numbered an easy target from the remaining 6 overs. The teamed strategy could not stop one of the two left-handed strikers from hitting a winning shot with enough overs remaining to bowl.

Our opponents were ‘Fintastic with their fours and sixes’ as we received a bad news at the end of the match !

Lest we forget, we have another match to be played against the Tauseefian ‘Storm Riders’. That’ll be the friendly match where neither of the two teams would play with a tense ! I presume the friendliness would be very intense that we don’t even require a toss to decide batting or bowling.

I’m sure of opening our batting innings as our captain could afford to take risk of win or lose which would cost us ‘Nothing’.

And if this happens, the game might get serious :D. Let’s see !

Signing off.


It’s Cricket Carnival at SAP

GS BPL“Chalo, Let’s go”.

The whole office seemed high-spirited and zippy, swarming across the floor which is unusual in the wee hours of Monday morning unless there is a potential customer escalation or fire drill.

The team managers along with their iconic players made a parade to grab their seats representing their team, carrying seven grand in their wallet for a strategic spending. The auction is about to begin. In the next two hours the 8 major teams will have to decide and build their team that would yield them victories this season. Its going to be a highly strategic business !

This year marks the 7th season for BPL, the official Cricket tournament at Globalization Services, SAP. And I play in BPL. Sadly, ‘B’ here is not an acronym for ‘Barclays’.

The teams are seated. The auctioneers have arrived already. There is a whole bunch of audiences, participants and players cheering and making loud noises as the event kicks off, with the first player being randomized by the online application, projected to the curious crowd. The teams must shop out with players in their carts, with the given sum of money.

Shopaholic Women couldn’t stand in front of these extravagant spending teams, as the team managers hollered their bid offer. Every time a player arrived on projector, there is loud cheer and applause and the offers thrown at the auctioneer to count up to three and finalize the bid. The tense situation starting to loom over the place, as the teams run out of money.

Ironically, I will be playing for the third consecutive season this year. How piteous of the teams to buy someone that is not a cricket loving creature. Yet I exhaustively enjoyed the sport and the ambiance created to have some fun and frolic off the work and giving my best, worthy of the money I was purchased for. 😛

The players are ordered in three different price categories. My name is placed in the intermediate range this year, for disguising the critical talent. And that is me without zero percent of exaggeration.

All hands met but the fingers remain crossed to get the complete team sheet. As the given sum of money cannot be en-cashed, the teams consumed the seven grand in the market. The crowd retreated to their work stations as the event reached the closing stages. The complete team list is collated and being sent across.

Its a new team but I have some of my old team mates from last season. We owe our team name to the opponents we play.

Certainly ‘BAD NEWS‘ awaits other teams this season ! Wish us luck !

The frenzy has begun !