Man and Marriage.

What a man has before marriage?

To-do list

What a man gets after marriage?

A must-to-do list.


Watch your words !

‘I am’ and ‘I do’ are the shortest complete sentences in English language.

Men are always of few words, on the contrary to ladies. Therefore these shortest words are by far used very often by men in most situations. But these two sentences could land a man completely in different circumstances.For example, during a marriage.

Priest: “Are you still single?”

Man: “I am”. No consequences yet

Priest: “Are you ready to accept the bride as your wife ?”.

Man: “I do”.

Priest: No further question. Over to you ma’am.

Wife: I’ll take over.




Nuptial blues

It’s like jumping off the cliff without a gear and speculating a safe landing, an unwarned risk.

People have done that already. Either by own will or as the ‘only’ option to do, and thus the courage. They do it without making the disclaimer*. So is the customary fall for ages, one after the other. It looks scary but not much left as options. We wade through all way to the cliff wearily but this is getting scarier as we set for the jump. All the counterparts gather one by one for the event, but the only likable option is to delay the risk by letting someone ahead, watch them fall, taking a sitter, until the turn strikes again. The time lapses. Those who already jumped scream from the ground looking at the congregation. Some cry aloud, some cheer happily. But everything looks greener from far, far distance. Yet, when the time comes, you fall. That’s the leap of faith for a skeptical stag.

*Do at your own risk.