Quote challenge – I

It’s been a month, since Nimz nominated me for the quote challenge—to write 3 quotes and nominate 3 bloggers to do so—simply to add fun to daily writing chores.

I would like to thank Nimz and as well apologize for my delay in putting up this post. I felt nice to see so many quotes getting picked up and filling the posts and the spur created by the chain in this activity.

Firstly, I nominate

  1. Lindy
  2. Amanda
  3. Eddie

to share some quotes and probably some thoughts on it, if you guys like it (smile).

Back to the quote challenge: To me, there are plenty of them, the quotes, that always struck a chord in my conscious thoughts. The wise words, no matter who said it, always made sense and grabbed some of my time to ponder, activating my neurons. I’m not going to list few and leave it there without sharing my thoughts. So I thought to pick one and write about it. It’s a quote said in one of the top class movies, The Godfather.  The quote is,

Difficult. Not impossible.―Rocco Lampone, The Godfather part II.

That’s one of my favorite quotes of all time. Though, inappropriately, Rocco said this to Michael when asked what he thinks of killing Hyman Roth—one of the antagonists—the reaction was subtle. To get a flavor of it, i’m linking the short scene from the movie so that you may watch it here.

It’s difficult to do a complicated tast, but not impossible. There is still room for possibility by any meansscientifically or mathematically or causallyWe’ve reached planetary boundaries—from landing in Moon to picturing Pluto—and other unviable exploration, which once we thought as impossible. How? Because we thought we can. We need to first believe that we can do, in order to make it happen.

Next time when someone tells you that it’s impossible. Tell them “Difficult. Not impossible“.