A moonlit evening, Chapter II

Adam woke up wading through his bed and placed his foot on the floor. He looked at his watch, it was 15 past 5 in the morning.

Too early for a Friday morning but yeah let’s start.

Walking towards the bathroom he opened the faucet fixed to the washbasin. Splashing water on his face, he looked at his reflection in the mirror that seemed fresh and he’s about to kick start for the early morning jog.

Adam works for a software firm that harbors development of bugs in the computer program. He is responsible for introducing and removing bugs from software products of the firm and people knew him by the tag ‘Software Engineer’. His colleagues recognized him as a very easy-going young man in his early twenties. One can always see him wearing a pleasant grin on his face. He always does things at his own consent and followed his rules and looked matured even at this young age. His co-workers admired him for his energetic look and sensible talks. His silky black hair is always well combed parting from the left and his eyebrows never needed threading. He spoke clearly and never annoyed liked those college grads with silly talks. One could easily judge with the first impression that Adam is a man of principles.

Soon after the morning jog, he hit the showers and got ready for his lethal routine. He dressed up for the day and got into the car and keyed-in as the Volkswagen started revving. As he reached his workstation, he carried his laptop and walked towards the cafeteria to make a coffee and rushed inside the meeting room.

By the time he stepped out of the meeting, his digital clock displayed 6:30 pm.

He got on his car and lowered his front door glass and felt a soft breeze sailing through and had a whispering voice hit his ear drums like it had been traveling with the wind that uttered the name ‘Sarah’.

Damn, he gasped. Hastening his hands, he reached for his mobile in his pocket. He had completely forgotten about his first message to his newly added stranger. Unlocking his phone, he opened the messenger app and found a notification in the chat window. As he opened, he found the reply for his text that read.

Hi Adam.

A Moonlit evening

She seemed curious with eyes lurking for happenings across the floor, while reading at people passing by.

Appearances are deceptive, aren’t they? Talk to her, perhaps.

Ignoring the intruder, Adam walked towards his seat and settled on his chair. Far from Adam’s workstation, she was located at an acute angle with a distance of a stone’s throw-away. Adam tried hard to conceal his interests on her but could not concentrate on his work. He thought of talking to her in a casual manner at her workplace but avoided due to possible attention from the people around that might seem awkward.

He was determined not to seek help of his colleagues. Rather, he opened his computer, logged into Facebook and looked for friends who could be mutual to both of them. With few navigation into one of his friend’s list, he finally found the profile of the mystery woman. He clicked on her profile and looked at her picture.

She is a beautiful girl.

Hours later, the notification bar illuminated with popup. As Adam clicked it, the text read, ‘Sarah Joseph accepted your friend request‘. 

That was quick.

He rose up and looked in the direction of her seat. She wasn’t seen. He thought to take a leisure walk and meet her but he didn’t dare to talk to her in person, avoiding unnecessary attention.

Why bother so much? It’s very normal to start a conversation. What makes you think so much?

Holding his breathe, he carefully placed his fingers, “Hey Sarah”, he typed in the chat window.

Suddenly, he felt as if he’s playing a tune of music in the piano, only to pronounce the mysterious name, strange but symphonious. Hallucinated, Adam smiled looking at her seat, as their eyes meet for the first time !