An authentic human being, Dr.Kalam.

A Scientist, Poet, Teacher, Writer-turned-people’s President just breathed his last.

In my impression, he’s been the most-authentic human being who remained unaffected with fame and authority. He lived as a simple man with thoughtful mind until his last; never complacent at what he did, even after miracles.

The only leader who woke everyday with an agenda to inspire the whole generation, especially the children. Reaching unattainable fame and recognition, he still took time to remember his teachers and honored few with his visit in person. He submitted his life towards social uplifting and touching lives through many of his visits to schools and colleges, even the death angel couldn’t find a better place to visit him for one last time.

I’m proud he is a native speaker of my mother language, Tamil. It’s a shame there is only one Dr.Kalam.

“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power” – Abraham Lincoln.

I think he withstood both, genuinely.


3 thoughts on “An authentic human being, Dr.Kalam.

  1. Inspiration to every soul who knew/ read about him. A man who will live on forever for he just cannot be erased from the millions of hearts he touched with his humanity and billions of thoughts he provoked with his vision and words..

  2. Loved your article. Indeed a very humble and down to earth human being.

    The book wings of fire indeed changed my life. It was his dream to see a smile on millions of kids before dies. Such a giver and a soul so beautiful and pure. Thanks again for the beautiful post ! 🙂

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