Women power

Recently read an article in readers digest magazine on how women are influencing the world and the business market. That was the first time I ever looked at women and their power from a different perspective. Then I thought “What if women don’t exist?”, the world wouldn’t exist too. Because my scripture says that God created everything in pairs.

A world without women would be like, The earth without the moon (how dull); The Godfather without Alpacino; French without art (No Mona Lisa !); Germans without cars ( AUDI/BMW); Arabs without oil ( let alone the German-made, forget the cars); Indian police without corruptions (that be better for us. Seriously Wow !).

But on a serious note, When God created Adam, he let him live in heaven; but then he was not happy alone, so God gave a company and created Hawwah(Eve) from within and not a play station. A woman completes a man, that’s why we call them as ‘better halves’. Everything runs of them, by them and for them. A pure democracy  and they should know that !

Here’s a tamil song I’d like to quote,

“இன்பத்தை கருவாக்கினாள் பெண், 
உலகத்தில் மனிதனை உருவாக்கினாள் பெண்,
உலகத்தில் மனிதனை உருவாக்கினாள் பெண்,
விண்ணவர்கும் மண்ணவர்க்கும் விலயற்ற செல்வம் பெண்,
விலயற்ற செல்வம் பெண்”

Which I could literally (or nearly) translate to,

She turned the pleasure into an embryo (in her belly),  Bore men and brought him into the world, She’s a priceless treasure for men (of earth), and the angels (of sky), A priceless treasure, she is ! 

Subtle and beautifully cast. The reason I respect women is that they’ve all the capability to do wonders, because that’s how they’re engineered. I’ve never seen a dumb woman in my life. I’ve seen innocent, illiterate women, but not dumb. Any woman can manage a family and isn’t that enough to prove? But then, they refuse to realize, which is in a way the biggest hindrance. Women should get over these shackles of society and break into reaching summits !

The word ‘Women’ bears the word ‘Men’ and so do they, the elegant creations of God.


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