Happy meal

It was a cold night and I was waiting to feed a hungry Hulk growing inside my stomach. I found one of the restaurants in the vicinity and looked through the menu.  One of the familiar dishes caught my eye and I didn’t wait to place the order.

I was standing at the cash counter as I began placing the order.

Me: I want one Chinese schezwan chicken noodles and that’s it.

The restaurant guy: One Chinese Schezwan Chicken noodles.

Me: Yes.

The restaurant guy: Do you want a vegetarian or non-vegetarian noodle?

Me: !!!!! . . . What did u say?

(I forgave him right away because he gave me a Non-vegetarian chicken).


4 thoughts on “Happy meal

  1. ha ha ha this reminds me of the time my mama and dada went to a seafood restaurant and got crab legs and it was served with butter that tasted funny and it turned out to be because it was kosher butter!!! ok bye

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