Every Day I Write the Book

It’s very true that when I tried to write diary, the initial days go with the momentum of thoughts. Then goes the relaxation period. Sometimes it lingers for a week or sometime it uproots the interest to pen down my own thoughts. This post gives the different perspective and triggers thee urge to bring back the hobby.

Listful Thinking

When I was 14, I was crazy about my boyfriend, Josh. (Josh, incidentally, carved my name into his forearm with a compass point, so it’s safe to say that if he wasn’t crazy about me, he was at least crazy.) I was also pretty sure I hated him.

Romeo Juliet
14-year-olds: notoriously even-keeled when it comes to romance.

Sure that no feeling in the history of emotions could compare, I dug out an old composition book and recorded the phenomenon for posterity, as well as some strong opinions on walruses and Ringo Starr.

I began the whole thing by writing, “Time for my yearly diary entry”. For the first 14 years of my life, I was bad about buying cool-looking diaries, writing one entry about my annoying little brothers in gel pen, and then abandoning the notebook forever. I guess that time was different though, because the next day I wrote another entry and I just…

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